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Intellishare’s expertise lies in designing, fabricating, and operating thermal & catalytic oxidization systems to control VOCs, HAPs and odorous emissions for industry & environment.  We aren't new to the game of air abatement and energy conservation. We’ve been around. But we are always learning. Always changing. Always moving forward.

Intellishare consistently improves product and service offerings with lessons learned on our drafting tables, on the manufacturing floor and at client sites. We're dedicated to staying competitive and innovative. To stay innovative, Intellishare invests. We invest in technology. We invest in our talent. All of this, so that we can properly invest in our clients. We use state of the art SolidWorks 3-D modeling to design and engineer our products.

Visit our High-Concentration Thermal Accelerator page to see how Intellishare creates unique products for the environmental remediation industry.
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