Oxidizer Control System Upgrades



We want to make your life easier; that’s why we developed the Intellishare One Touch Control System. Let's face it; not everyone is an expert in oxidizer operation, and operator safety is of paramount importance. That's where the idea for the One Touch Control System came from.

Each control system begins with the same proven platform, and control modules are added as needed to satisfy each client's individual needs. Thoughtful design and high quality components make the controls ultra reliable and easy to operate. Rigorous testing and certified UL compliance make them safe.

Here's what's in it for you:

  • Less frustration: Intellishare's easy to read control panel display walks operators through various tasks, makes troubleshooting easier and reduces the need for outside support.
  • Flexibility: PLC technology makes changes to the control system a snap. Unlike relay logic, no additional hardware is needed when adding I/O capability, and less hardware is required in the panel. PLCs are easily configured, programmed and are scalable to change with the requirements of each project site.
  • Modern Technology: PLC vs. relay logic. No contest. Have you ever tried to diagnose a shut-down on equipment with a relay logic control panel? Or worse; a relay logic control panel with a burned out indicator bulb? Not fun. Enough said. We only use PLC.
  • Easy troubleshooting: Intellishare's first out alarm annunciation clearly indicates the reason for the shutdown and saves time sorting through unneeded data.
  • Save Money: Optional remote telemetry can reduce costly site visits.

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