Product Platform

The Intellishare Multi Product Platform

What makes Intellishare unique in the air pollution control industry? Our multi-product platform is one thing that sets us apart. Why is a multi-product platform so important? It gives us an unbiased approach in selecting the best technology to suit your individual application and achieve your project goals.

Some air pollution control manufacturers make a few standard oxidizers and that’s it. At Intellishare, we have a full suite of flexible, scalable and adaptable oxidizers with modular options. That means it isn’t about making a few standard products fit your project, it’s about selecting the best technology in the right size with the right features to meet your needs.

And if our standard oxidizer models don’t meet your needs, we will partner with you to create a custom designed system for a perfect fit. No problem is too big or too small for us. And we like to think outside the box to create new ways to solve problems.

Standard or Custom – We’ve Got You Covered

At Intellishare, we’ve seen a lot of industrial and environmental process streams. Many are similar. And some are definitely not. But chances are we’ve seen one a lot like yours. We have standard equipment for the straightforward, and custom equipment for the complex or unusual. Our standard equipment is customizable and scalable, with a menu of standard options to suit a variety of situations. Our custom equipment is designed with you as our partner, working together to blend your process knowledge and our equipment expertise.

Straightforward or totally out there- we’ve got you covered.

Modular Product Design

Want to reduce up front capital expenditures? Have changing needs on your environmental site or industrial application? Intellishare’s product line is based on a simple concept - modular design. How does that work? We designed a mighty, flexible and scalable base system, in a variety of sizes and flow rates. Then we designed modules that can be added or removed as project needs change. We made the platform easily configurable and applicable to a wide variety of situations.

Building a Better System

At Intellishare we focus on building a better system. Our industrial air pollution control and environmental remediation systems’ incredibly high up time percentage is no accident. We obsessively source out quality components and we resist the urge to use lesser grade components based on up front capital cost savings. Quality matters and reliability is key. Logically, we all know that, but we don’t always want to pay for it. Investing up front for quality instrumentation and controls can save a tremendous amount in the long run. We all know that too.

After decades in the air abatement industry, we’ve seen the true life cycle cost of going cheap, and our clients have come to respect our position on paying for quality the first time. If your production line is down, you aren’t producing product. On an environmental remediation site, it might mean the difference between simply solving the problem over the phone, or having to pay for a costly site visit.

From planning to design to fabrication, each detail of our equipment is carefully thought out. Surprises in the field are not OK. Each system is rigorously and methodically factory tested before shipment so that installation goes smoothly. And as for support after the sale, no one does it like Intellishare. Ask our satisfied clients.

Compact Footprint on Electric Oxidizers

For some projects, space is a luxury. At Intellishare, we work hard for our clients to arrange the system to minimize the footprint without compromising performance of the oxidizer. Some of our electric oxidizers will fit 3 abreast into a normal car parking stall. Some of our larger systems are roof mount or platform mount. Whatever your requirements, rest assured we understand the value of space.

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