What Our Customers Say About Intellishare Environmental

"Intellishare Environmental Inc. is a proven leader in the design, construction and operation of environmental remediation equipment. They truly understand the client's goals and schedules, and their commitment to customer service and satisfaction always exceeds expectations"

- AECOM -Senior Project Manager

"Intellishare worked closely with our client and other related parties. They provided timely suggestions and interacted with all parties efficiently and productively. Intellishare ensured seamless compatibility with various components and equipment in the preliminary design review and implementation process (construction, shop testing, delivery, installation, field testing and start-up). In our experience, working with a single supplier facilitated the overall contracting process."

- Eduardo Gasca, P.E. -Manager, Environmental Services
3-D Animation Vacuum Extraction Building

“Intellishare provided us with complete turnkey solutions for the redesign, rebuilding, operation, maintenance, and staff training of the Thermal Oxidation Unit at the Lipari Landfill Superfund Site. Intellishare's efforts increased unit on-stream time from 50 to 95% while improving contaminant removal efficiency. Intellishare turned a problem operation into a consistently reliable and effective remedial system.”

- James Russel -Site Manager
Sevenson Environmental Services

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