Chlorinated Oxidizer

Destroy Halocarbons

Got halocarbons? We’ve got an oxidizer for that. Actually, we’ve got 3 oxidizers for destroying chlorinated, fluorinated and related halocarbons from a variety of processes. Whether it be pharmaceutical, groundwater remediation, or any manufacturing process that uses chlorinated solvents as a carrier, we’ve got you covered with our chlorinated oxidizer.

Destroying chlorinated solvents in an oxidizer can be a more effective and less cumbersome solution than transferring the pollutants onto carbon and transporting them offsite for disposal. Oxidizer options include a thermal oxidizer with recuperative heat exchanger, a catalytic oxidizer and a regenerative thermal oxidizer.

However, fume streams containing halocarbons require many factors to consider when choosing the proper oxidation technology. One of the most important considerations is by-products produced by halocarbon oxidation. HCL, or hydrochloric acid, is common and any oxidizer listed above may require an HCL scrubber (link to HCL Scrubber) prior to discharge. HCL is also highly corrosive. Intellishare offers a wide selection of materials of construction and will help you make the right choice based on the project’s specific goals and life cycle.

Available in standard models from 100-10,000 SCFM or in custom units for project specific requirements. These oxidizers can be standalone, integrated into your industrial process, or as part of a complete groundwater/soil remediation system.

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