Heat Recovery Modules

Save Money and Your Planet

Although Intellishare’s primary business is the reduction of VOC, HAP’s and odorous emissions, we are always looking for ways to reduce operating cost and greenhouse gas emissions. One of our favorite ways is by continually pushing the limits of existing heat recovery technology.

Our thermal oxidizers can be manufactured with integrated heat recovery, and our standard regenerative thermal oxidizers already reach heat recovery efficiencies of 95%. However, we can go higher. Secondary heat recovery can return up to 98% of heat the oxidizer’s heat to a plant or process stream.

Intellishare can integrate the heat recovery component right into the air abatement system, providing single source point responsibility for our clients and ensuring the whole system works together to achieve maximum return on your capital investment.

Intellishare offers air to air heat exchangers (both shell & tube and plate & frame type) as well as air to water, oil or glycol heat exchangers.

Also picture of tube and shell heat exchanger from the new brochure. Use same caption.

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