High Concentration Thermal Accelerator

Fast, Reliable, & Cost Effective

Better design, faster cleanup, cheaper operation- that’s Intellishare’s High Concentration Thermal Accelerator.

The Thermal Accelerator was devised to solve the operational and reliability problems associated with using traditional thermal technology for high VOC industrial processes (like biodiesel made from turkey parts!) and free product environmental remediation sites.

Using a specially built dual fuel burner, this hybrid thermal oxidizer takes direct injection of high VOC laden process streams without requiring dilution prior to combustion. It burns more hydrocarbon vapor per hour than a traditional thermal oxidizer or internal combustion engine and at a fraction of the operating cost.

Intellishare units are feature packed. Programmable logic control? Yep. Remote telemetry, blower packages, vapor control valves and individual process T-dampers? Yep. Each feature is fully integrated and supported by Intellishare- meaning single source point responsibility for us, and single phone call support for you.

Available in standard models from 100-2500 SCFM or in custom units for project specific requirements. These oxidizers can be standalone, integrated into your industrial process, or as part of a complete soil remediation system.

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High Concentration Processing
Reduce your remediation time on highly contaminated sites and use one product from start to finish. Ideal for free product sites and dual phase events.
Zero Fuel Input Function
Using the Thermal Accelerator's Zero Fuel Input mode, operating costs are drastically reduced.
Modular Construction
We can help you spend your project dollars wisely! Our units are built to allow catalyst modules, heat exchangers and LEL monitors to be easily field inserted any time.
Intellishare One Touch Control
Reduces errors and increases uptime by taking the guesswork out of operation. Walks the operator through basic system tasks such as start-up, shut-down and troubleshooting.
High Temperature Combustion Chamber
Low outer skin temperature and greater than 99% destruction efficiency.
Programmable Logic Controller
PLC offers unlimited programming flexibility without control panel modification.
Honeywell Flame Control
Provides exceptional reliability in display of burner system status and flame strength.
UL Listed Controls
This product is Listed to applicable UL Standards and requirements by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
(UL File Number E314437)
FM/IRI Gas Train (if equipped)
Code compliant and operates on either propane or natural gas.
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