Case Studies

Groundwater Remediation Project Reduces Operating Cost by 4 Million



  • Reduced capital outlay by $150,000 as a single RTO had a lower capital cost than the originally proposed 4 electric catalytic oxidizers
  • Saved $4,041,864.00 in operating expenses over the project life cycle
  • Reduced maintenance and repair trips to a remote cleanup site



  • Total Air Flow to be treated: 4,000 CFM
  • Technology Specified: (4) 1,000 CFM Electric Catalytic Oxidizers with 60% energy recovery
  • Technology Supplied: 4,000 CFM Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer with 95% energy recovery



A leading environmental consultant contacted Intellishare Environmental to supply air pollution equipment associated with a groundwater remediation project. 

The groundwater treatment system consisted of (4) groundwater low profile air strippers treating mixed gasoline and diesel range organics with an exhaust air volume of 1,000 CFM each (4,000 SCFM total).  The air stripper air exhausts were to be directed to the air pollution control system supplied by Intellishare. 

The remediation site was remote, presenting several challenges.  Natural gas was not readily available as a fuel source.  LP was expensive and inconvenient.  Travel to site was time consuming.   

The project engineer considered using electric catalytic oxidizers due to the high run time percentage and convenient power source.  If multiple units were used it allowed the system to run even if one of the oxidizers was down for service.  However, as concentrations of VOCs at the site declined over time, the air volume would not decrease, and long term electrical costs were of concern.

Intellishare assisted the project engineer with an air pollution control life cycle cost analysis comparing multiple electric catalytic oxidizers with a single regenerative thermal oxidizer.  Over the anticipated 15 year life cycle of the project a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) with 95% heat recovery would save considerable amount of long term operational costs. The savings would offset the additional cost to run a natural gas supply to the site.

The project engineer still had concerns about run time percentage.  His past experience with RTO technology was that the pneumatic operating of the RTO air switching valves was high maintenance and unreliable, especially in cold climates where the project site was located.  Intellishare Environmental solved this concern by providing an all-electric air switching valve drive system.  The all electric valve drive system requires only a gear box oil change every 5 years.

After the project engineer spoke with other Intellishare clients who had installed the all-electric valve system, the project engineer’s fear of poor run time percentage was allayed.

How We Did It

Since Intellishare Environmental, Inc. has a multiple product line offering it can offer an unbiased approach to solving different air pollution control problems.  We also have the right experience.

Intellishare encourages clients to evaluate the life cycle cost of projects and focus on reducing utility use and carbon emissions associated with any air pollution control equipment.

At Intellishare, we’ve seen a lot of industrial and environmental process streams. Many are similar. And some are definitely not. But chances are we’ve seen one a lot like yours. We have standard equipment for the straightforward, and custom equipment for the complex or unusual.  Best of all, we have the experience to help you choose the right technology to make your project a success.

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