Case Studies

Odor Control For Wastewater Treatment



  • Eliminated Odors in a residential development area
  • Short term and long term implementation
  • Expedited delivery schedule
  • Short and long term support


  • Total Air Flow to be treated: 45,000 CFM
  • Short Term Solution: (1) 1,000 and (1) 5,000 CFM Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer
  • Long Term Solution: (2) 22,500 CFM Tandem Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers


Phase 1

A leading environmental consultant contacted Intellishare Environmental - groundwater remediation company - to supply air pollution equipment associated with an odor emitted from a landfill leachate wastewater treatment plant.

Since the local wastewater treatment plant was unable to treat the leachate discharge any longer, the landfill operator was faced with treating the liquid leachate prior to discharge.

The time line was short and the plant’s first phase was to truck the leachate off-site to a wastewater facility that would accept and treat the leachate. This involved erecting a liquid load out facility, which would include capturing and destroying air odor associated with the load-out operation. Intellishare was contacted, and within 3 days delivered and commissioned a small rental thermal oxidizer to destroy the associated odors.

Commercial and residential properties surrounded the landfill, so odor was a primary concern of the landfill owner/operator as many complaints had already been received.

Phase 2

As soon as the first liquid leachate treatment cell was complete, the leachate needed to start being processed to control the associated air emissions. Intellishare mobilized another rental unit, a 5,000 CFM Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO), to eliminate the odors. Intellishare provided the remediation systems and manpower to ensure uptime and monitoring of the system.

Phase 3

Full scale implementation was undertaken to construct a permanent solution to the liquid leachate and odor control problem. The project was a fast track from day 1, and Intellishare Environmental rose to the challenge by delivering a tandem regenerative thermal oxidizer system to treat all odorous emissions associated with the liquid leachate treatment.

Intellishare recommended a tandem system as it provided redundancy for a greater equipment availability. The tandem system was installed in a little over 12 weeks, and Intellishare worked hand in hand with the installation contractor to expedite the installation.

How we did it

Since Intellishare Environmental has multiple product line offerings of remediation systems and a rental fleet, we were able to meet the short and long term needs of the client. The utilization of a regenerative thermal oxidizer allowed us to treat a large volume of air, while keeping the operating cost low. We were able to do this by regenerating 95% of the heat used to destroy the odor. 

We understood time was a critical factor in the project, so we allocated the resources to expedite whenever we could. We understand that client’s needs don’t always fit into a 40 hour work week, so for this case study our team worked overtime to ensure the client felt we were willing to do what it took to meet their needs.

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