Precision Vapor Control Valves (VCV)

Eliminate Extraction Solvent Levels From Overheating

Set it and forget it! Tired of soil vapor extraction solvent levels getting too hot? Want to protect your operators and equipment? We’ve got you covered. Let Intellishare’s Precision Vapor Control Valve (VCV) and One Touch Control System do the work. Initially developed for the remediation of contaminated soils, Intellishare’s VCV can be applied to any situation that requires a linear 3-way air control valve. Hazardous class or not.

When installed on the inlet of a soil vapor extraction system, it allows precise control/mixing of process gas (well gas) and ambient (dilution) air prior to treating the air stream in the oxidizer. The valve is coupled to a linear actuator, which is controlled via a 4-20ma input signal. The actuator meets hazardous area classifications of Class 1 Division 2, Groups B, C and D, and provides up to 8,000 control steps with a digital output signal to confirm position at programmable points.

Loop control of the VCV is accomplished through a control algorithm that precisely monitors the oxidizer’s temperature, and positions the VCV for the perfect concentration ratio. The control algorithm is user defined and allows parameter configuration changes to suit the application.

The VCV is equipped with three fail safe systems. (1) a process closed position is proven prior to enabling the VCV, (2) upon an unsafe temperature excursion within the oxidizer, the VCV is commanded full process closed/dilution open with a full stroke in <2 seconds, (3) upon power failure, the valve reaches the failsafe position of full process closed/dilution open in <2 seconds.

The benefits:

  1. Cuts down on site visits due to temperature excursions
  2. Reduces operating cost by maximizing solvent throughput
  3. Ensures safe equipment operation and reduces operator error
  4. Provides control algorithm adjustments for changing conditions
  5. Failsafe in the event of power failure
  6. When coupled to our site telemetry, the operator can view the position of the valve and the operating parameters of the entire oxidizer controls. Telemetry also allows Intellishare to make remote programming changes to suit client’s changing needs.

Innovation in Action

A leading environmental consulting firm working on a long term environmental remediation project was plagued by frequent high temperature excursions on an existing soil vapor extraction system and thermal oxidizer. Multiple site visits were required each month to initiate a restart. Although the equipment was not Intellishare’s, we provided a VCV and engineered the valve into the existing control scheme.

With Intellishare’s VCV, the consulting firm was able to achieve 3 important things: higher up time percentage; faster cleanup time due to increased solvent throughput and decreased time and money spent on site visits.

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